Cheap Greenhouses that You Can Build Yourself

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It’s not all that hard to build a greenhouse if you have the correct plan and information about how to build a greenhouse cheap. Once you do through the details of what is required, you will soon realize how to build your own greenhouse cheap and easy.Skill LevelAll that you need is some basic skills for using simple tools like the hammer, a saw and a drill machine. Even a novice can easily do these DIY greenhouse projects with ease once a detailed plan is available.For you to build a greenhouse cheap you’ll have to put in some extra effort. And this will require some additional time also.

You can easily save a lot of money by putting in the additional effort and time. Ready-made greenhouse kits are expensive and may make the project unviable. 


You will require a location that is clear and has a level floor space. For growing plants in the homemade portable greenhouse you will require at least six hours of sunlight and therefore orientation is also important. Additionally, the location should have easy access to water and electricity.


The size of the greenhouse you build should fit in the area available in your backyard. Of course you can go for a smaller greenhouse if you are tight on budget. A small size will also require less material.StyleNow depending on the available area and your skill level you could choose one of the several styles for a greenhouse. Common styles are – Victorian or Traditional, Hoop house or Arch style and the Lean-to style that uses an existing wall or building.

Material The list of material required would depend on the style you choose. If you are unsure of the style thing, it is best to purchase an inexpensive downloadable guide that gives you various greenhouse plans along with other details of How to Build a Greenhouse Cheap.The cheapest base for the greenhouse can be built with recycled lumber. Of course you’ll have to shop around at some of the salvage yards to get this type of material.

If you have a bigger budget then you can surely go for a concrete base.For framing purpose PVC pipe will work out the cheapest. You can scout for second hand PVC pipes to cut on cost. An alternate option is to use thinner wood.For covering, clear corrugated plastic sheeting or polyethylene or house plastic would be the best for building a cheap greenhouse. Glass is expensive and can break also. Sometimes you may require a shade cloth during peak summers to keep the temperature down.If you spend some time at a salvage yard you can easily find used greenhouse doors, old windows, PVC, aluminum end frames, angle bracing, piping for water and other material for a fractional cost when compared with new material from a home improvement store.

Construction Method

It is best to build the portable greenhouse section by section starting with the base first, followed by the frame and the covering. This way you can complete the work in sessions. However it is best to complete one section without stopping work in between.When you build the frame and covering you should take help from someone. Build the covering in such a way that it is watertight. You may have to spend some additional time in ensuring this, but it will be well worth the effort. The covering is the most important part of the greenhouse and should be built to perfection.

ConclusionIf you follow a good quality guide that spells out more details about how to build a greenhouse cheap , you can easily complete the entire project for only about $200.The best advantage of having a guide is that you don’t have to make greenhouse plans, styles and the list of material required. In fact, many of the guides even provide tips on where to source salvaged material.

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